In my work I mainly deal with the human form. Human issues, such as the delicate balance

between the physical and the spiritual, are the main themes in my work.

I am interested in the duality of the everyday life and the desire to aspire to the sublime.

To these human struggles I try to give shape, to bring them to fruition in tangible form.

I work in a variety of materials: clay, papier mache, bronze and plaster.  

My working process is very open: I begin with a vague notion of what I want to create.

The sculpture is a continuous sketch that in a sudden moment comes to completion.

My works don’t necessarily represent clear human figures, often

 they are abstractions or essences of forms: hints of human figures, animals, and

landscapes. Creating art has always been a vehicle for my self-expression. Sculpting is a creative,

emotional, spiritual, and intellectual pursuit for me.




2005-09:  New York Studio School, MFA (Sculpture).

2003-05: Tel Aviv Museum of Art Education Center, Tel Aviv. Enrolled in painting and  sculpture Courses.

1996-99: Stav-Pisul School of Art, Jerusalem, Israel, Certificate Program.


2018: Owner and founder, Maya Gallery , Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2016-18: Owner and Art Teacher, “Atelier” School for painting sculpting and drawing, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2016-18: Art Teacher, Arie Klang House, Ashdod, Israel.

2014-18: Art Teacher, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center , Tel Aviv, Israel.

2016-17: Art Teacher, Bezalel Academy, Jeruslam, Israel.

2009-17: Artist Studio Manager, Lucy Liu, New York City, NY.

2014-17: Art Teacher, Muzot High School, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014-16: Art Teacher,  Kibbutz Artists Workshop, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2009-12: Art Teacher, Substitute Teacher,  New York Studio School, New York.

2009-11: Art Teacher, VCS, New York City, NY.

2007: Artist Assistant, William Tucker Studio, Wiliamsburg, MA.

2004-05: Casting Technician, A.P. Casting Factory, Bet Yanai, Israel.


2009-10: New York Studio School, Artist-in-Residency, Brooklyn, NY.

2006-08: New York Studio School, Sculpture Scholarship, New York, NY.


2018: N18, Group Show, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

2018: Pushing the Body, Group Show, New York Studio School, NYSS Gallery, New York.

2017: Cabri 40, Group Show, Dialog with Yehiel Shemi, Cabri Gallery, Israel.

2017: Vacuum, Group Show, Haagaf 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel.

2017: Kontinuum, Group Show, Alfred Gallery, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

2017: On the Shoulders of Giants, Group Show, Westbeth Gallery, New York.

2017: Kontinuum, Group Show, Betonbox Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany.

2016: Mana Portraits, Group Show, Mana Contemporary, Maimi, USA.

2016: Avner Levinson Sculptures, Solo Show, beit haomanim, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

2015: Clearing, Group Show, Alfred Gallery, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

2015: Escapism, Group Show, Shorashim Gallery, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

2014 Dubnov, Group Show, Yair Gallery, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

2013: New York Works, Solo Show, 600 Bushwick Studios Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

2013: L&P NYC Review: A Retrospective of New York Life, Two-person show, 600 Bushwick Studios Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2011: The 4th Annual Israeli Art for Elem, Group Show, Opera Gallery, Soho, New York.

2010: Ray Of Light, Group Show, Opera Gallery, Soho, New York.

2010: It`s A wonderful Tenth, Group Show, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

2009: Fifth Annual BAM Art Silent Auction, Group Show, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York.

2009: Evening for the Arts, Group show, The Round Table NYC, New York.

2009: Art Exhibition, Group Show, Patton Boggs LLP, New York.

2008: Sculptures, Solo Show, Iron Fish Gallery, Beacon, New York.

2007: Recent Work, Solo Show, NYSS Gallery, New York.

2006: Inaugural Show: Drawings, Group Show, NYSS Sculpture Studio, Brooklyn, New York.

1999: Heads, Solo Show, Givat Gonen Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.


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2016: Yediot Tel- Aviv , August Issue, Israel (Artist Profile).

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Selected Works

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