Dikla Moskovitz, a ceramic artist working in Tel Aviv, creates wheel-thrown porcelain and stoneware utensils and sculptures. She disassembles pieces made on the wheel and reassembles them to hybrid objects straddling the boundary between practical utensils and sculptures, with an emphasis on motion and asymmetry. Her work combines rough exposed materials with gold, which creates a fine, clean look, a union that creates great tension and interest.
“I am teaching pottery in my studio. teaching is one of my greatest loves, it fascinates me to see the process my students go through and exited with them every step of the way”.



2017- Gold & silver craft at private studio in Tel-Aviv.

2007-2011 – B.F.A Department of Ceramics and Glass Design, Bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem.


2018-2019-  Working and teaching in a private studio in Tel-Aviv.

2016-2019- Teacher at Benyamini, contemporary ceramic center, Tel-Aviv.

2016- Masterclass at Tel-Hai symposium for ceramic and pottery.

2015-2017- Teacher of pottery and sculpting at the ceramic art center, Rehovot.

2015- Ceramic teacher at the art center, Kiryat Ono.

2013-2014- Pottery and ceramic teacher at “HaDerech” art class, Bait-Chanan.

2013- Pottery and ceramic teacher at private studio in Tel-Aviv.

2007- Ceramic instructor for teachers at Ramla museum.

2007- Ceramic teacher for children in a private studio – Nir-Zvi.

Exhibitions and Galleries


Selected Works

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