Ceramicoop 2020

In March 2020 a delegation of young artists, graduates of the Benyamini “First Studio” scholarship, will participate in an unique cooperative international project. The artists from Israel, Jordan, Latvia and Italy will all meet in Faenza, Italy, a town with a deep history in ceramics, especially Majolica.   

The purpose of the project is to promote intercultural dialogue between young people from different countries; Increase the knowledge of other countries; Foster active citizenship through art and ceramics; Develop young people’s critical sense and deconstruct stereotypes; Deepen knowledge on international art with a particular focus on ceramics; Develop creativity and practicality through ceramic workshops; Improve organizational and problem-solving skills; Improve communication and social-relational skills and promote tolerance and mutual understanding.

Participating artists: Avi Ben Shoshan, Alon Young, Eliya Levi Yunger, Gur Inbar, Doron Naama Gelfer, Einav Sarig, Nadav Rauchwerger, Sivan Scheffner.

In collaboration with the European Route of Ceramics and the Council of Europe

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