Video & DVD

Our DVD Library is slowly increasing. Ceramics DVDs are still rare worldwide, and we are trying to get our hands on anything worthwhile, like interviews, historic material, symposia demonstrations, and more. Here are two samples of “How-To” Demonstration DVDs which are part of the demonstration DVDs edited by NCECA ( the American “National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts”):

Lisa Orr is an inventive young low-firing functional potter who developed a method of her own  of moulding and throwing all at once on the wheel; her shapes are loose and wild, enhanced by her “over the top” use of lots of color, in lign with the american “daring” in ceramics, unafraid of being called “kitsch”.

Chris Staley, a famous potter and professor of ceramics,  contrasts the first with his demonstration of his clean, whell-thrown and altered shapes. He is as well a fascinating speaker on ceramics and the changes today, how those changes influence how we relate to objects, each other and our sense of place.

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