New Wave Clay: Ceramic Design, Art and Architecture

In preparation for the day we can use the Benyamini library again, here is a new title waiting for you:

This newest book on the market presents us with a new category of the "potter", adapted to our age and the demands of the market. It talks of a new definition, the "ceramic designer" who is also a craftsman and a designer. The creators presented in the book come from different design disciplines but all seek to realize their project in ceramics. Their creations range from design objects to architectural murals, furniture items and more, and the big array is definitely broadening what we call ceramics today.

Ceramics: Contemporary Artists working in Clay, by Kate Singleton

The material world has become more and more attractive in recent years and allows artists to express their ideas, blurring of boundaries between design, art and craft.

Centering: in pottery, poetry and the person, by M.C Richards

A 25th anniversary edition of the iconic book that was popular in the sixties-seventies in America. Richards was a kind of ceramic guru, a poet that recognized centering on the wheel as something much deeper with an effect of centering one's life. She lived her artistic life as a total experience and was a renowned and respected ceramist in her time.

The Shape of Craft: by Ezra Shales

This new book by Ezra Shales, professor of History of Art, examines the relevance of Craft in the modern world and its unexpected broad meaning. It is about how things get made, from hand-made objects to microbreweries. An examination of what we mean when we think about a craft object, how that shapes our understanding of what craft is, what are our typical expectations of what we think is handcrafted and authentic.

A Theory of Craft: function and aesthetic expression

Another important book examining critically what is craft, how does it distinguish itself from Art or Design? Howard Risatti, Professor of art history, describes craft's nature uniquely blending function with a deeper expression of human values tha transcends culture, time, and space.

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