Earth Webs (2022)

This book covers the career of the well-known Israeli ceramic artist Rina Peleg, released in conjunction with her retrospective exhibition at the Umm al-Fahm Art Gallery. Rina is known for her unusual woven clay sculptures and baskets, and the book shows a great variety of works done in this unique method. It also relates the different milestones in Rina's long career. The book has an introduction by the gallerist Said Abu Shakra, and articles by the curator/artist Tsibi Geva, as well as Talia Tokatly and Orly Nezer.

Natural Glazes : collecting and making (2018)

Making your own glazes is a fascinating and rewarding process, even more so when making them from collected ingredients. With little equipment and following a few basic principles, it is possible to harvest glaze ingredients from your local environment, such as clay, subsoil, plants and seashells, to achieve beautiful results in the kiln.

Slab-built Ceramics (2008)

Slab-built Ceramics introduces a method of constructing clay forms that has been in use through the history of ceramics. This book demonstrates the versatility of slab-building and the scope for personal expression which is possible using variations of this technique.

Contemporary Ceramic Art (2020)

No longer considered merely decorative, ceramic art has broken free from the dusty display cases to which it was once relegated and is now taking centre stage in contemporary galleries.

Although often integrating traditional modelling, firing and glazing techniques into their output, the 90 artists featured here invite us to look at ceramics in a different way. Whether creating monumental installations or intricate miniatures, imaginary beasts or life-size human figures, they subtly blur the borders between art and craft, sometimes conceiving witty or unnerving twists on traditional ceramic forms, sometimes using cutting-edge technology, conceptual thinking and new platforms to push the boundaries of clay and broaden its appeal.

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