SHAPES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE: ceramics from the Robert A. Ellison Jr. collection (2021)

A new book that was released in 2021 in conjunction with the exhibition presently on show at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. This comprehensive book shows works from the 19thC to the 21st C that Robert Ellison, a well-known artist, collected over 50 years. The exhibit is only part of the huge collection that was donated to the Metropolitan and the exhibition focuses on abstract objects.
It is only a pity that the book does not reflect the impressive installation which gives space to each work and makes the connections between the styles and periods. If you are in New York – do not miss!

Kintsugi : The Poetic Mend (2021)

A new book about traditional Japanese mending of ceramic pots. The writer Bonni Kemska did in-depth research about the historical, philosophical, and current technological methods. Bonni travelled to Japan to investigate “aroshi” the special glue extracted from a particular tree that is used. She met experts of Kinsugi and travelled to meet well known ceramic artists such as the contemporary Raku dynasty and the famous artist Suzuki Guru, and heard from them their attitude towards Kinsugi in their practice. In addition, it is interesting to read about the Western contemporary artists and how they employ this traditional practice of mending and the inclusion of unexpected materials that become part of the design of their work.
The subtitle of the book is Poetic Mind, a play on words – poetic mend. She shows us the deep symbolic meaning of the method as understood in Zen Buddhism – the values of the imperfect, acceptance, respect, and empathy.
Often in ceramic books the beautiful pictures override the text, in this case it is recommended to read the texts which are interesting and to the point.

Thomas Bohle: Ceramic Objects - Inner Spaces (2015)

An impressive and graphically beautiful book of the works of the well-known Austrian artist, Thomas Bohle, famous for his double walled pots and rich, dripping glazes. The forms are architectural and often balance on a small foot compared to the size of the pots.
The photographs are no less impressive than the works and the X-Ray images of the double walled vessels add another dimension to the perfectly engineered and made pots. In the book are interviews with the artist and interesting photographs of his environment and work processes.

Les Ceramiques de Gauguin (2003)

The wonderful ceramic oeuvre of the painter Gauguin has not received enough attention, and this is one of two books released in the last forty years about his works.
The writer researched his works and ceramics as well as the cultural influence of the time. She notes his interest in craft which influenced his works and the great freedom and modernist eclectic style in his sculptural vessels. Gauguin’s knowledge of foreign cultures is apparent in the process and technique of his making. He painted his ceramic pots in his paintings and painted from his paintings on his pots creating an internal dialogue in his works. The last book written in 2003 is highly informative however, it is only available in French.

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