The Ceramics Bible (revised edition): the complete guide to materials and techniques

This British newly released handsome book from 2022 is a wonderfully edited and very clearly organized and written book on all aspects of the ceramic process- materials, forming methods, firings etc.-, and is richly illustrated with very good photos. The added benefits are the inclusion of known contemporary ceramists' pages with their diverse work and with explanations of their methods, illustrating the possibilities of each method discussed. It also helps the beginner orient himself about the different esthetic possibilities when deciding what style to try or adopt. The book is super user friendly and recommended for anybody setting out in ceramics or setting up a studio.

How Thigs shape the Mind: a theory of Material Engagement by Lambros Malafouris (2016)

We try to include in our Library theoretical books of importance to the field of ceramics, craft, and material culture which provide a deeper understanding of the field we operate in . In recent years an important and new understanding of the relationship between the mind- cognition- and material culture has been brought to the fore by the Oxford theoretician Lambros Malafouris who coined the term " Material Engagement Theory", or MET. This approach in cognitive sciences proposes a cross-disciplinary analytical framework for investigating the ways in which THINGS have become cognitive extensions of the human body, meaning in the way the world of things, material signs, artifacts that surround us, the materiality gets added into the cognitive equation. Our thoughts are not isolated and emanating only from inside our heads, the thinking is an interactive process between the brain and the physical environment.

After Glow: New Nordic Porcelain (2022)

This catalog accompanies this show which is the result of a residency program initiated in 2018 for a group of 12 Scandinavian ceramic artists to explore the different aspects of porcelain production with residencies in different ceramic factories. The works produced during those residencies using different production methods offered in the factory setting led to the exhibition NEW NORDIC DESIGN. It was an experiment to see how production methods previously employed for producing the famous Scandinavian Design table ware or sanitary wares could be used for ceramic art purposes of individual creations. The British Artist Neil Brownsword demonstrates that the factory today is simultaneously a tool, a theme, a material and a vault of experience.

Theaster Gates: a clay sermon" (2021, Whitechapel Gallery, London)

During 2021-22 the Whitechapel Gallery in London showed a big and rich exhibition of the exciting Afro-American artist and potter Theaster Gates. This exhibition included installations and clay works by Gates, interwoven with historic clay objects of many cultures which Gates had researched during a V+A research institute emeritus fellowship, focusing on their historic and cultural references, often of objects little studied. As Lydia Lee writes in her article in the beautifully edited catalog to the exhibition: the exhibition "A clay Sermon"…explores craft, labour, performance and racial identity; the use of clay in building communities of knowledge, its role in colonialism and global trade and the ceremonial and ritual use of clay". Gates is an exciting personality, a combination of hands-on potter, an installation artist, a musician, a social activist with focus on Afro-American issues, and community builder who initiates renewal projects with focus on art and community creativity and discourse.
The exhibition is a most exciting combination of his own sculptural and installation work, as well as rich in references and erudition concerning the historic clay objects he chose to include in the show, originating in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and relating to those as being important carriers of cultural and historic messages.

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