On Camp Ceramics and Other Diversions: Daniel Kruger (1984-2005)

Daniel Kruger, born in 1951, is an international artist known for his "Camp" ceramics. The word "Camp" comes from the British slang meaning "absurdly exaggerated, artificial or affected in an unusually humorous way", and it often relates to gay aesthetics. This book presents 230 of Kruger’s ceramic pieces, in which he deals with preconceptions that provide a manipulated view of reality. He achieves his critical stance by unexpected and provocative combinations of form and decoration on conventional shapes like historic dinner services and vases, thus creating new interpretations. He explores the interstice between historical archetypes and Kitsch within the European ceramic history.

Elmar Trenkwalder (2021)

Elmar Trenkwalder creates large sculptures – “Anthropomorphic architectural theatre” as written in the book’s introduction. His sculptures are often displayed as installations or as a group, they resemble Gothic cathedrals and Hindu temples, somewhere between the religious and the phallus. His works are made of glazed porcelain, and they exemplify a unique style and outstanding technical abilities that resemble Renaissance masters.

Encounter with Ceramic: The Writings of Tony Birks (2021)

The book is a compilation of essays written by Tony Birks, one of the most important writers in the field of ceramics in the second half of the 20th century. The book was the initiative of the appraised art historian Paul Greenhalgh for the museum “Sainsbury Center of Modern Ceramics”, connected to the East England University. Birks was involved in British ceramics, he wrote essays about ceramics as part of the artistic practice not as an isolated field. His books remain to this day an important source of information and reference to anyone interested in ceramics.

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