• School of Ceramic Art

      Educational Program 2018- 2019

      The Benyamini School of Ceramic Art is a professional center offering courses for beginners  intermediate and advanced students, artists and designers who want to work within the bounds of the ceramic material. The school has a team of professional lecturers running a year-round program of courses in practical and theoretical aspects of ceramics as well as workshops, lectures and master classes with artists from Israel and abroad.

      .The School year begins on October 21st and ends on June 30th


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    • Diploma Program

      Diploma Studies Program

      The School offers a unique program to acquire skills and a broad knowledge of all fields of clay making, development of a personal style and guidance in operating an independent studio. The program, suited to each student, runs over several years and includes compulsory and optional courses. It is geared towards beginners or part time ceramists who would like to expand their knowledge or make a career change


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    • Current Exhibition- Main Gallery 3.1.2019- 23.2.2019

      Zoom in Hummus

      Curator: Liron Tzanhany
      3/1/19 – 23/2/19
      Festive opening 10/1/19

      Symposium: 11/2/19 at 15:00

      Iris Zohar, David Hillel, Dima and Nadia Gurevich, Lena Dubinsky, Daniel Nahmias, Ofer Zick, Galit Shvo, Dov Ganchrow, Liora Rosin, Sholi Strauss, Liron Tzanhany, Anna Shapiro, Dafna Noam Gofer, David Saidi

      The exhibition brings together three disciplines – design, culinary art and science as expressed in food and nutrition. The multidisciplinary approach concerns design about humus with the purpose of expanding the methods of consumption and promoting the advantages of this legume. The exhibition consists of three main layers presenting the purpose of the project. The graphics present the scientific and historical ID of the chickpea, functional vessels present eating and processing methods, and edible installations including new recipes and eating experiences developed for the project

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    • Current Exhibition- Small Gallery 3.1.2019- 23.2.2019


      Curator: Einav Baranes Eliassov

      Festive opening: 10/1/2019 at 19:30
      Opening: 3/1/2019
      Closing 23/2/2019

      Artists: Collective 4.5 – Rotem Gruber, Omri Nissim, Adam Shalev and Hila Mor

      .The exhibition Exposed, will present research processes that concern the natural characteristics of clay

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    • Events and Special Programming 2019- 2018

      Above and Below The Surface – Lecture and Demo Series

      The lecture and demo series bring together lecturers and artists from various disciplines to discuss interesting issues; the connection between craft, design, art, memory and making, earth man and house, identity sexuality and art, and more.  In these meetings we address questions that are inherent to making processes, materials and interesting work techniques and concern the meeting point of different areas of knowledge. This is an opportunity to connect to different intellectual and emotional worlds and be exposed to unique making methods and different ways of viewing the world


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    • Events and Special Programming Monday | 15:00- 19:30 | 11.2.19

      HUMMUS COMPLET" Symposium"

      .The symposium will deal with different aspects of humus including the scientific, historical and cultural

      In the first part we will discuss the different meanings associated with humus, changes in consumerism
      health advantages, technological developments and “humusiot” in social media 
      The second part will be devoted to the connection between design and humus and the culinary experience
      The number of seats are limited. Advance registration by phone 03-5182257 or benyaminiccc@gmail.co
      Entrance:70 shekels

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  • Collective 4.5Omri Nissim
  • Hila Mor
  • Galit ShvoNimrod Genisher
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