A Station in Time 2018

Exhibition of the First Studio Graduates for 2017-18 at The Small Gallery

The aim of the Benyamini Center First Studio program is to encourage and support young artists. This prize is awarded to an excellent graduate of a ceramic department art school that shows a desire to continue working in the field and is interested in experiencing the intricacies of running an independent ceramic studio. The First Studio is a life bridge between art school and the real world, facilitating artistic expression and at the same time exposing the young artist to the many aspects necessary to survive as an artist. This exhibition shows the work they have done through the year at the center before they continue to the next stage in their careers.

Sivan ScheffnerEliya LevyAvi Ben Shoshan

Sivan Scheffner is devoted to the intermediate stages of clay work processes and is captivated by the opportunities that occur, planned or serendipitous.  Focusing on the point of time and place creates objects that are materially wild, fragile and delicate, exposing the beauty in the process, the beauty that evolves during the artist’s work looking for the “finished” object. Processes such as wedging, weighing, recycling, throwing off the hump, raise questions of choice in the work process and the essence of the material.

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