Mekomi – Place in Locality – personal design – here and there

Curator: Erez Navi Pana

Exhibition design: Guy Bar Sinai

Opening: 1/3/18 at 19:30
Closing: 28/4/18

Participants: Naama Agasi, Itay Ohaly, Zely Gurevitch, Admahon Galor Makonen, Johnathan Hopp, Rami Tareef, Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto, Yair Levy, Gregory Larin, Valeria Monis, Elinor Portnoy, Yulia Tsukerman, Shira Keret and Itay Laniado

Internal monolog, silent words extracted from the root of knowledge, feeding from an inner well that quietly bubbles, undetected by voice or muscle. There, in the inner world of designers, thoughts about materials, compositions and colors arise, in a world of reduced words, quiet dialog that only the designer understands.

From these internal processes evolve the translation of thoughts to materials, design. From this territory bursts forth creativity and combines bodily force with spirit – the hand, the wedging of material, covering the surface with brushstrokes that become a personal design, unique to the individual.

The maker is in a continuous dynamic state of searching for meaning, his place in his locality – a dialog that exists between ethnic locality and place as an individual. From the same dialog between the individual and the collective, arise a complex relationship between locality and local, between the collective that is interested in maintaining a reality that is stable and the individual who is interested in expressing himself as an individual within this web.

The name of the exhibition uses the double meaning of the word in Hebrew – local and my place – and gathers a variety of works from 14 designers that express the mosaic of the complex Israel we know – locals and immigrants, returning citizens, urban and rural, religious and secular, Julis and Jaffa, Tel Aviv and Modin, Amsterdam and London. These designers employ an emotional catalyst, motivated by the meaning of local, in dialog or response to the concept, the symbol, the atmosphere, the portrait, definition and myth, giving meaning to place and defining it with words, language, and design.

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