Look Alike

From the collection of Mika Adler

Curator: Einav Baranes Eliasov

Opening: Friday 29/12/17

Closing: 24/2/18

Gallery tour and talk with collectors Ester Beck, Yael Novak and Mika Adler: Friday 19/1/18 at 11:30

The exhibition Look-alike will highlight on a small part of the collection of Industrial Israeli ceramics collected by Mika Adler.  For 20 years he has travelled Israel and the world picking up vases made in the ceramic factories in Israel. The collection holds about 500 items that were produced by the factories from the 40’s until the end of the 60’s mostly from Harsa, Neeman and Lapid all production functional and decorative ceramics.

Lapid that was located in south Tel Aviv closed down at the beginning of the 90’s, Harsa in Beer Sheva had an art department until 1965 directed by Nehemia Azaz but since then and until today produces sanitary fittings.  Neeman located in the Krayot area closed in 1996 and is presenty known as Neeman Porcelain producing ceramics in Turkey and China.

Adler emigrated from Germany more than 25 years ago and began collecting by chance when he encountered a Lapid vase in a New York flea market with a sticker on its base marked “Israel”.  This lead him to buy the piece and began his journey of learning about the producers of ceramics in Israel in the above mentioned workshops and so continue searching for pieces and expanding his collection.

The variety of the collection allows the observer to follow industrial Israeli ceramics and notice the fine differences between the decorative surfaces showing the specific handwriting of each artist that worked in the factory.

The collection of Mika Adler clearly illustrates the collector’s passion, the lack of hierarchy and the well-known obsession of collecting.


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