Yehuda Koren and Michal Koren

Curator: Einav Baraness Eliasov

Opening: 3/5/18 at 19:30

Closing: 16/6/18 AT 14:00

This exhibition is the second in the series relating to inter-generation creativity.

Yehuda and Michal, father and daughter, work together in the past few years and they are known for the expertise in ceramic technology and their ability of making a wide range of glazes and engobes with unique surfaces.  

Yehuda began his studies in Chile as a ceramic engineer and then continued to study art.  He began working in Lapid, the ceramic factory in Israel in 1960 and at the same time taught at Wizo.  Following this he opened his own factory Koren Ceramics – and began teaching technology at Bezalel, the Academy for Art and Design where he remained for 40 years and until today he advises ceramic artists and students.

Michal was exposed to ceramics from a young age and in 2003 enrolled in the ceramic department of Bezalel.  Upon completion of her studies she opened an independent studio in Tel Aviv and places great emphasis on ceramic technology when teaching her students.  

Over the years every Saturday evening Yehuda and Michal met to talk about color, analyze results of glazes, engobes, textures, layers and then proceed with a new batch to be tested and recorded.  

In ceramics, glaze technology is inherent to the practice and part of the design and concept development with many artists. The exhibition Colors presents ceramic technology differently to the acceptable practice of test tiles of color families, showing objects that combine form and color and the effect of a glaze in the way it is applied.  

The connection between Yehuda and Michal is more than familial; it is a professional connection which facilitates the transfer of professional knowledge and skill to the next generation.

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