International ceramics from private collections

Curator: Ravit Lazer
Opening: Friday 29/12/17 at 11:00
Closing: Saturday 24/2/18 at 14:00 
Gallery tour and talk with collectors Ester Beck, Yael Novak, Mika Adler: Friday 19/1/19 at 11:30
Gallery talk: Saturday 24/2/18 at 11:30

Artists: Peter Voulkos, Ken Ferguson, Rudy Autio, Chikako Yoshikawa, Masamichi Yoshikawa, Claude Champy, Dylan Bowen, Higashida Shigemasa, Camille Virot, Aki Moriuchi, John Maltby, Jason Briggs, Tsubusa Kato, Ryoji Koie, Claudi Casanovas, Anne Mercedes

About the exhibition:

The exhibition ATTRACTION will present for the first time in Israel works borrowed from private collections showing an outstanding body of works made by leading ceramic artists from around the world including the USA, Britain, France, Japan and Spain. Works by these artists are part of the international ceramic canon and are to be found in collections of leading museums around the world.

Private collections, even though they are the initiative of an individual, make a meaningful contribution to the cultural discussion and the field of art. They promote artists and expose them to the general public, create community, strengthen the field by educating the general public, gallerists, and other collectors, encourage galleries and museums to invest, increase the value and deepen the discussion within the field. In addition, loaning works and endowments broadens the scope of visual and cultural heritage (historical and contemporary).

The decision to particularly focus on expressive works (above other options) emphasizes collection as an inherent passion, obsessive and uncontrollable urge. Expressive clay works touch on central themes that arise in the material discussion: functional, sculptural and all that lies in between.

About some of the artists:

Peter Voulkos, an American artist who worked in the sixties and is considered one of the main influences that lead to the change of the status of ceramics in the world. He made monumental and expressive pieces with an energy that were game changers for ceramics at that time.

Rudy Autio , an American artist who made the vessel into a figurative, expressive sculpture. He built large forms with a soft flowing surface as a ground for loose drawings of women and animals.

Ken Ferguson, an American artist and influential teacher who made large scale pieces on the wheel, removing their traditional function and including animal motives

Masamichi Yoshikawa – one of the leading Japanese artists in the world using porcelain and glaze in an exceptional symbiotic relationship.
Claude Champy – a French artist who explores issues of containment and sculpture in clay that is cracked and gashed with tectonic energy.

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