Hybrid Botany

Maya Ben David in collaboration with Ofer Grunwald and Renana Irshai

Hybrid botany In this exhibition Maya Ben David examines the relationship between growth in nature and a digital environment, between analog and computerized, by developing a system of connections through advanced digital processes and growth processes of bonsai trees (with the cooperation of Ofer Grunwald, an expert in growing bonsai trees).  She achieves this by three-dimensional scanning of flowers and the development of a language that focuses on the convergence of botanical and digital (with the cooperation of the designer Renana Irshai). The botanic in this exhibition is contingent and convergent with software, 3D printing and complex algorithms. The hybrid of botanical and technological examines basic tenets (Natural/Technological) in a way that questions old perceptions and offers new connections that arouse curiosity as to options for the present and future.

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