Zoom in Humus

Zoom in Humus

Local superfood

Curator: Liron Tzanhany

3/1/19 – 23/2/19

Festive opening 10/1/19


Iris Zohar, David Hillel, Dima and Nadia Gurevich, Lena Dubinsky, Daniel Nahmias, Ofer Zik, Galit Shvo, Dov Ganchrow, Liora Rosin, Sholi Strauss, Liron Tzanhanny, Ossama Dlal, Dafna Noam Gofer, David Said

Each food has its own story, beginning with its cultivation and processing all the way through to the vessel from which we eat or the packaging. The chickpea or garbanzo is found in many variations within the culinary lifestyles of the Middle East and has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the food types that shows in the broadest sense the multi-cultural locality and the range of processing and consuming.  Scientific research over the last decade has marked chickpeas as a superfood and an excellent, rich substitute for animal protein.

There are many stories about humus from a wide range of cultures, geographically as well as through time. The local dialog about humus is usually about its origin and who discovered it. However, since it is food and it is here, this exhibition focuses on the “how” and the “why” behind eating humus.

The exhibition brings together three disciplines – design, culinary art and science as expressed in food and nutrition. The multidisciplinary approach concerns design about humus with the purpose of expanding the methods of consumption and promoting the advantages of this legume. The exhibition consists of three main layers presenting the purpose of the project. The graphics present the scientific and historical ID of the chickpea, functional vessels present eating and processing methods, and edible installations including new recipes and eating experiences developed for the project.

The exhibition is in cooperation with the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Hebrew University and the Tel Aviv University and is presented in three languages – Hebrew, Arabic and English – as a sign of respect to the ancient tradition of humus in the area of the Middle East.


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