Small Gallery

Curator: Einav Baranes Eliasov

Artists: Noa Fein, Lior Vagima

Opening: Friday 17/5/19 at 12:00

Closing: Saturday 6/7/19 at 14:00

The exhibition Reflection touches on the tension between the artist and the creation.

Noa Fein in her work examines the conscious, physical and mental change that occurs in pregnancy and birth.  She focuses on the couple as they transform into parents, the identity of the woman and whether there is a change of identity in the relationship as they become a family.

Fein makes glass flowers that are voluptuous and colorful that communicate passion, life and strength.  As she continues working the color fades, the form is stretched and deformed to the point that they are unrecognizable as flowers and cannot relate to the form at the beginning, they are transparent, naked and empty. This motherly metamorphosis concerns Fein who questions female identity, sacrifice and belonging.

The work by Lior Vagima deals with the marginal, a subject that has occupied him for many years. In the exhibition Vagima raises complex questions about those who are not in the conscious mainstream. In his work he is interested in the tension between extreme and marginal and expresses this in glass using Pate de Verre, reflecting the tension between hard and delicate, fragile and survival.

In the Peels series Vagima examines the fact that the peel is thrown away being useless. Its importance for the growth of the fruit, its development and the protection become irrelevant and meaningless the moment it is peeled and leaves it orphaned and unnecessary. His focus on being marginalized and hidden brings the viewer to consider the peels of our own lives, that remain and perhaps conserve or preserve.


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