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Graduate show of the Diploma program 2019

Artists: Danya Mor Goren, Yael Salomon,  Noa Balanero

Curator: Ravit Lazer

Opening: Thursday, 5/9/2019 at 19:30

Closing: Saturday, 14/9/2019 at 14:00

The Diploma Program at the Benyamini Center enables beginners and experienced students to begin a new career, to investigate and broaden their practical and theoretical knowledge of ceramics and become teachers or makers.  The graduates of 2019 are three women from different professional backgrounds who chose ceramics as a starting point for a new path after three years of studying courses and workshops in different areas of this broad field. The exhibition is the conclusion of a year’s work focusing on a subject that they selected as their project.

Yael Salomon chose porcelain for her final project – a material that has unique qualities. Her work explores color, texture, balance, symmetry and flow using very thin pieces of hand colored and hand made porcelain combined into wall pieces.  These labor-intensive works play with light, form and color.

Noa Balnero made coil-built vessels, each coil added above creates a new vessel eliminating the previous form in a repetitive cycle. All ceramic works begin as a clump of mud, and within the rhythm of the making, evolves the form, shade and meaning, the “gold”. The pots shown in the exhibition expose and hide the marks of the making and with the glazes emphasize the voluptuous sensuous forms.

Danya Mor Goren is showing a “hedge” as her final project. Over the three years Danya focused on wheel-throwing studying with various teachers, inspired by their methods and approaches. She made a large series of vessels in various sizes, leaving the clay exposed in a natural palette of colors and painted freely with cactus imagery, a sign of the traditional borders of agricultural land used by the local Palestinian population and adopted as a symbol as “Israeli”.

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