Collect \ Israeli Ceramics

Exhibition Sale

Curators: Ester Beck, Yael Novak, Ravit Lazer

Festive opening: Thursday 7/11/19 at 19:30

Open Friday and Saturday 8 and 9 November 2019 from 10:00 – 17:00

Participants: Avraham Ben Shoshan, Avner Levinson, Udi Charka, Eva Avidar, Ofir Zmudjak, Orly Edlavitch, Oren Arbel, Ahia Canna, Itay Ohaly, Eliya Levi, Elizabeth Cohen, Elina Itan, Amnon Amos, Anna Carmi, Ester Beck, Efrat Eyal,  Eti Goren, Ethel Pisareff, Boris Katz, Jana Shimonov, Jacaranda Kori, Guy Jana, Dori Shechtel Zanger, Dina Kahana Geller, Daniela Yaniv Richter, Dikla Moskovich, Hilda Merom, Vered Tendler Dayan, Zahara Harel, Yair Levi, Yonat Chameides, Yael Novak, Yael Atzmony,  Yaara Rabinovitch, Cohavit BenEzra Goldenberg, Leah Sheves, Laurie Goldstein, Lior Kesem Hamama, Lilach Vishnavski, Meir Moheban, Meira Una, Michal Adler-Shalev‏, Michal Alon, Michal Kalsovsky, Michal Keren Gelman, Miri Fleisher, Maiyan Ben Yona, Martha Rieger, Noa Almagor, Noam Rosenberg, Naama Agassi, Svetlana Faerman, SIND STUDIO, Sivan Scheffner, Edna Fridman, Einav Sarig, Einat Cohen, Irit Abba, Anat Negev, Ofra Kutz, Felicity Bernstein Yaacobi, Karin Zur, Ronit Baranga, Ronit Zor, Ronen Yamin, Roy Maayan, Racheli Rotman Garji, Rani Gilat, Shulamit Miller, Shoshanah Ciechanowski, Shahaf Givon, Shlomit Bauman, Shlomit Liver, Shamai Gibsh, Simcha Even Chen, Sharon Brill, Maya Muchavsky Parnas, Daniel Flatauer

 The Benyamini Center will hold an exhibition sale of Israeli Ceramics with about 80 artists and designers. Collect |Israeli Ceramics will expose collectors and the general public to a broad range of works made by artists, potters hand designers who were selected to participate with their finest works.

In the past few years ceramics is in the limelight: ceramic works are exhibited and sold in leading museums and galleries in Israel and the world, in public spaces, work environments, hotels and shopping centers. The value of the works is rising with the increased demand and this opens the doors for collectors and people who appreciate art to buy works that are affordable and start collecting or add a new dimension to an existing collection.

 The blossoming of this field is seen also in the growing demand to study and make ceramics, that magical contact with the material is an excellent contra to the digital world which surrounds us. Around the world we read articles describing how ceramics is “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” or the “Return of Clay”.  The Benyamini Center since its opening eight years ago is committed to promoting ceramics on various levels: a ceramic art school with a diploma program, a library and archive, galleries with changing exhibitions and gallery talks, symposia and international artist residencies. The exhibition Collect | Israeli Ceramics is an added aspect of the activities at the center inviting visitors to a one-time clay experience.

The exhibition sale will include works by leading Israeli ceramic artists, some of them well known internationally, showing a broad spectrum of making typical of contemporary ceramics both in subject matter and in size: vessels that are the size of a hand, cups, bowls and vases as well as realistic and abstract sculpture and large wall pieces. All the works are made of clay and include a variety of techniques including traditional hand making, industrial and digital. 

The exhibition will be open for three days at the Benyamini Center and will mark the beginning of a joint journey between ceramic lovers and makers in dialog with the works and the visitors. The exhibition will be open on the weekend of Loving Art Making Art.


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