Small Gallery

Bowl, One and Many

Opening Thursday 28/2/19 at 19:30

Closing Saturday 27/4/19 at 14:00

Curator: Ravit Lazer

Participants:  Yael Nachum, Bar Baraz, Yarden Bashevkin, Noam Talbi, Doron Rosenthal, Shirley Zadok, Jonatan Magnus, Michal Nachshon, Netha Goldberg, Barak Bar Haim, Gal Cohen, Sagiv Kehila, Tehila Ben Horin Camus, Hed Privash, Yael Salem, Dor Leibman

The participants of the exhibition were requested to design a functional, day-to-day object, a bowl.  The design exercise required that the students relate to its appearance as a single object as well as a series in a group. The works were designed and executed by the students in the ceramic design course offered by the Industrial Design department of Shenkar. This course is one semester during which they learn about ceramic work processes focusing on industrial design for a limited series of works using plaster molds.   

During the semester the students focused on the user experience; the way it is held, the food it contains, the storage and use. They also related to personal content and inspiration: geometry, organic, industrial, human, etc. The challenge they faced, and designers in general, is how to design a day to day object with the possibility of designing something new in a field that is already well covered, finding solutions in the small spaces between simplicity and complexity, the familiar and the surprising, and in this exhibition, the relationship between the single unit and the group.

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