A Station in Time 2019

Exhibition of the First Studio Graduates for 2017-18 at The Small Gallery

Curator: Ravit lazer

Opening: 19 September 2019 at 19:30

Closing: Wednesday 16 October 2019 at 19:00

The First Studio Scholarship is an adventure that touches on humanity and materiality. The year program invites the winners to improve their knowledge and skills of the ceramic medium as well as what is involved in running a studio.  The contact with teachers and artists that are leaders in their field in Israel as well as from abroad exposes the participants to many approaches in making and thinking.  During the year besides working in the studio the participants are encouraged to progress with their own work, for some a direct continuation of their final projects and for others ideas develop into a new body of work.

Alon Yung, a graduate of the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design Bezalel, views man as an animal who is part of the eco system.  His work deals with man from the time he lived in nature in comparison to present day man where he lives apart and controls nature. He will show sculpture and vessels that express these ideas.

Eti Peretz, a graduate of the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design Bezalel, has focused on wheel-throwing and developed two series of objects. The one series deals with deconstruction and reconstruction, a compilation of functional vessels that are one object made of many parts. The second series are full forms, soft and round, that appear to have been made of several parts.

Doron Naama Gelfer, a graduate of the Industrial Design Department at Shenkar, relates to a woman’s body in a series of objects called Curves. The technological/color research was inspired by human variety and expanded to other areas of making.  An additional series of sculptures, giving a personal, intimate interpretation of charms and idols.  Their gender is exaggerated with humor as naïve containers with a charming touch giving them value.


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