Topsy Turvy – Upside Down World

Curator: Irena Gordon

Opening: Thursday 18 May 2017 / Closing: Saturday 1/7/17

About the exhibition:

Topsy Turvy is an English expression for chaos, disorganization and complete confusion, an upside down world.  It is the name of the comic opera of the 19th century as well as the popular ceramic cups with the figures that stand on their heads given as gifts for Christmas.  In this exhibition the members of the Ceramic Association were invited to participate in an exhibition that expresses topsy turvy as an inversion of the material, the form and the function as well as the social, cultural and political. 

Many of the 25 artists are showing works that are allegorical, figurative and colorful – symbolic of the theme perhaps.  Some of the artists approached the theme as minimalist but managed to express this term by expanding the boundaries of the ceramic craft. The works express reality in a humorous, cynical, surrealist, melancholy way and appear as a carnival, grotesque or tragic.  The exhibition exposes the border between craft and art, ceramic objects and conceptual ideas including other materials and ready mades.

Participants: Irit Abba, Meira Una, Galia Armeland, Talli Barr Sneh, Shahaf Givon, Dima Gurevitch, Alon Gil, Netter Gertler Feldman, Ran Hazak, Barak Twitto, Reut Troim, Dvora Yehezkeli, Einat Cohen, Ahia Canna, Boris Katz, Dikla Moskovitz, Gila Miller Lapidot, Riki Manor, Anat Negev, Etel Pisareff, Ofra Kutz Osnat Richman, Liat Sharon, Ruth Schreiber

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