Pottery Slam

Pottery Slam – ongoing performance

Curators and production :Shira Silverston and Netta Levavi

In Poetry Slam participants are on the stage and speak poetically about their environment making political and social comment.

Pottery slam is an event where creators will react to reality through clay using various strategies. For a week the gallery will become an experimental lab for clay, body, action and words. Time will be frozen in the “cardboard box” which will be removed and recycled. IN the seven days planned for the event various creators – potters, designers, performers, sculptors, illustrators, dancers, poets and writers – will react to the environment and express themselves in their unique language through clay.

The starting point for the Pottery Slam is the walls and floor of the gallery covered in cardboard, with strategically placed piles of clay, wheels, brushes, tools, shelves and a screen. The end point is layers of creativity; the result of actions made in the event where each participant will leave the mark of the work done. On each day there will be several events with unusual combinations of clay artists and artists who work in other media. The meeting point between them and the clay will create a new dialogue that remains to be seen. Each day the gallery will change depending on the artistic intervention of the creators who will also react to those who have participated before them and so will extend the boundaries of discussion on material, art and society. The entire event will be recorded and played back so that visitors to the gallery can have a glimpse of what was before and how it evolved.

The performance will conclude on Thursday 11/5 in a special event – Pottery Jam – where young potters will meet for a frivolous clay jam session on the wheel including improvisation of form, tempo and content. The audience with will be invited to look and to participate during the evening. Following all these events, visitors to the gallery on the weekend of the 12 – 13 of May, will see an installation, the outcome of this unique program.

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