Curator: Shlomit Bauman

Opening: 6/7/17 at 19:30 / Closing: 26/8/17

Gallery talk: 21/7/17 at 11:30

Israel Bankir 1943-2014

Looking at the vessels made by Israel Bankir one is never satiated.  The eye wanders between the contour and the parts; the elegant neck ending in a fine rim that flares very slightly, flowing down the shoulder to the volume of the belly and standing on a foot that is barely visible giving the feeling that the object is floating.  The pots are similar and yet each one is different.  It is for a good reason that the parts of a pot are named after body parts as they are similar in essence and like a body, they talk to us.

The poetic resonance of Bankir’s pots begin with perfect execution indicating impressive dexterity, delicacy, human touch that almost disappears with the exactness which is characterized by machine made. But unlike a production line, these pot are each unique; the size, shape, convexity, color and materiality.  Bankir has a very pronounced language but  the variety is vast.  The quantity of the pots emphasizes the meaning of the one as opposed to many.  Looking at the pots as a group and not as individuals was done as a purposeful act to project the power and richness of shape and material within the mass, emphasizing the repetition of making and the nuances between each pot.

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