In Sequence

Curator: Maya Muchawsky Parnas

Opening: 2/11/17 at 19:30
Gallery talk: 24/11/17 at 11:30
Closing: 16/12/17 at 14:00

Participants: Ester Knobel, Efrat Eyal, David Adika, Dina Kahana Gueler, Dafna Kaffeman, Talia Tokatly, Yoav Raban, Cohavit Ben Ezra Goldenberg, Nadia Adina Rose, Roi Carmeli with Tom Krasny, Tamara Rikman

About the exhibition

Images in sequence are frequently found in illustration. In this exhibition the idea is expressed in art, unrelated to text and without limitations.

The term ‘Sequential Art’   was coined in 1985 by comics artist Will Eisner in his book Comics and Sequential Art. It is an art form that uses images deployed in sequence for graphic storytelling or to convey information. The best-known example of sequential art is comics. The term is also applied to other media, such as film, animation or storyboards. 

Are images in sequence as they appear in different forms of contemporary art as a result of graphics? Perhaps. But perhaps the roots for this format in all media lies in ancient Greek pottery and relief sculpture, Egyptian hieroglyphics or maybe cave drawings?

This group exhibition shows material based and mostly three dimensional works where the sequence serves the artists as a form of expression. As opposed to series which usually have a commonality between the elements, the series in these works emphasize the position of the object in the series with a meaning which is beyond the narrative.

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