Corwyn Lund – Canada

(Residency at Shankar College of Engineering and Design)

Corwyn Lund, a Canadian artist based at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, produced sculptures which hybridize microphone bouquets and funerary flower arrangements. These serve as memento mori; reminders of mortality and loss delivered through the mass media. Lund’s work posits the motif of the microphone bouquet as a universal memorial, continually reconstructed anew at every news conference, which are primary sites of collective loss and tragedy.

Lund’s sculptural installation consists of oxide-rich earthenware elements and a digitally printed textile that mimics a popular Israeli flooring material. His incorporation of a ‘Modernist’ grid, deployed as a means of over-writing prior histories, stems from his research into Israeli architecture and urban planning. ‘Decayed Microphone Bouquets for Israel’ attempts to move beyond a mediated view of contemporary Israel, towards an engagement with the actualities of its socio-political and architectural landscape.

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