The Society for Craft Rehabilitation in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Roy Fabian and Amir Weiser
 Shlomit Bauman

Monday 4/7/16 at 21:00 – ” The Tzimmer”  will improvise electronic music through the objects in the exhibition. Performers – Guy Oshorov, Ron Katzir, Shmil Frenkel.

Following this ” Suicidal Furniture”  A psychotic rock group playing changing rhythms. Performers: Alexandra Levi, Avinoam Shternheim
Free Admission

Thursday 28 July at 21:00 ”  Same World Trio” , trialogue between three plastic artists expressed in unexpected musical notes based on covers for well known songs: Pesach Slobosky, Gabi Krichli, Avi Sabah

Free admission
In this exhibition, Roy Fabian and Amir Weiser create a lyrical installation that deals with the architectural history of Kiryat Hamelacha as well the productive-material aspects. The exhibition includes sculptural elements; one is an assemblage of the design, form and materials of the architecture. The second element is a type of gazebo made of archival documentation of the Kirya. An additional elemant is a vantage point overlooking Kiryat Hamelacha. The artists transform the gallery space situated on the edge of the Kirya into an integral part of it through their artistic language as well as making the Benyamini Center into an “exhibition factory”. Is it possible to bridge the difference?

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