Boy Sleeps in a Jar Clay and Biography

Curator: Tali Tamir

Gallery talk with the curator: Friday 28/10/16 at 11:30

Opening: Thursday 29/9/16 at 19:30

Closing: 12/11/16

Artists: Shamai Gibsh, Yoav Efrati, Hadara Rabinowitz, Dov Heller, Talia Tokatly, Galia Pasternak, Hadas Rosenberg-Nir, Matan Israeli and Zvi Israeli

About the exhibition:

The exhibition will show the works of 8 artists dealing with biographical material using clay or clay artists using biographical material. The exhibition will deal with the connection between body and material, container and narrative, vessel and memory, fear and impression, porcelain and history, coin and portrait, pliable and hardened, braiding and kneading, descending and rising, plates and representation.

The plate becomes an inverted image reflecting a portrait.  The portrait is covered by food and is revealed through the eating process – biography of digestion exposed in real time.  There, in the concave surface called a plate – are stored stories of parents, childhood, body and death.  Between the oval frame of the portrait and the circle of the plate exists a relationship that is between formal and perverse, expressed and concealed as well as cannibalism.  The soft clay is formed to any shape and has the ability to invade the home, to conform to the furniture – a type of hidden invasion that clings and cannot be swept away.

Clay as a material that revolves on the axis of the wheel – spins and gathers stories, voices and conversations.  The lump is thrown on the axis as an anonymous and formless material, it is formed on the rotating wheel, grows, expands – is this not the story of life?

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