QUEST – clay and photography

The Ceramic Artists Association presents 30 clay artists and 30 photographers in an exhibition.

Curators: Talia Tokatly, Roni Ben Ari

Artists: Irit Abba  |  Tali Amitai-Tabib, Ariela Abrahamson  |  Itamar Shimshony, Michal Adler-Shalev | Mati Halili, Michal Alon  |  Hanna Sahar, Ofra Amikam  |  Giora Salmi, Noa Arad-Yairi  |  David Adika, Ronit Baranga  |  Michelle Medenblike, Anat Barel  |  Tali Navon, Ilan Beck  |  Tamara Masel, Miri Brand  |  Etty Schwartz, Ahia Canna  |  Enbal Shafrir, Lisbeth C.B. Biger  |  Yair Barak, Yonat Chameides  |  Yuval Yairi, Einat Cohen  |  Ronit Porat, Zehava Edelsburg  |  Pesi Girsch, Efrat Eyal  |  Rami Maymon, Sygalle Giveon Leshman  |  Kobi Wolf, Zahara Harel  |  Michal Chelbin, Boris Katz  |  Gilad Ophir, Michal Klasovsky  |  Amira Ziyan, Jacaranda Kori  |   Eitan Vitkon, Susanne Luthi  |  Yigal Gawze, Maya Muchawsky-Parnas  |  Nurit Yarden, Anat Negev  |  Einat Arif-Galanti, Dori Schechtel Zanger  |  Omer Messinger, Rachel Stoller  |  Shai Halevi | Shulamit Teiblum-Millar  |  Rami Maymon, Barak Twito  |  Leora Laor, Varda Yatom  |  Meir Rakocz, Ayelet Zer Sheinboim  |   Shani Nahmias

Gallery Talk with the curators: Friday 18/12/15 at 11:30 and Saturday 2/1/16 at 11:30

Opening: Thursday 19/11/15 at 20:00
Closing: Saturday 2/1/16

About the exhibition:

This exhibit brings together museums, ceramic art and photographic art. The works from both media will be exhibited introducing a challenging connection of two art languages, thought processes, means of observation and links that are not obvious. The meeting point between the ceramic material and the photographic image is based on inspiration.
30 ceramic artists selected an archaeological ceramic artifact from a museum which was the inspiration for creating a work giving the item a contemporary interpretation.
As part of the process, 30 photographers were paired with the ceramic artists and they created a photographic image that relates to the object.
The viewer can observe the processes and draw his own conclusions – not necessarily those made by the curators.

The meeting between the artists facilitated interdisciplinary exposure and a personal meeting. It did not include co-production or documentation of cooperation.

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