Future Archeology

An assembly of graduate Ceramics and Jewelry projects from the Tel Hai Arts Institute

Opening: Friday 26.6.15 at 11:00

Closing: 18.7.15

Head Curator: Zemer Sat

Curators: Gunnmerit Rosenstone and Sigal Leifshitz

Design: Tal Mor

Exhibiting: Adi Meirav, Ofri Tam, Adi Kremer, Yiska Hatab, Devora Strauss, Ali Sklar, Shai Cohen Sirkin, Ayala Caspi, Netta Levavi, Reut Aharonovich, Eva Charney, Lily Zador, Lea Urman, Yael Livneh, Anat Zalmanovich, Elad Ozeri, Meirav Niv Raviv, Nadav Mor, Israel Fulberg, Rotem Yihya, Naomi Ben Zimra, Yael Alon, Hila Marshansky, Avi Zino, Elad Guterman, Maya Pacholder, Elad Yehezkel, Shiran Salem, Gili Makover


Shiran Salem, Lily Zador, Elad Ozeri, Meirav Niv raviv, Yael Livneh, Netta Levavi, Reut Aharonovich

Photo credits: Dror Miller

About the Exhibition

The artistic creation (in any media and form) is an end product of a powerful reaction process fueled by human history, the personal experience of the maker, an understanding of the media and material, technical fluency, a motivating idea, and other factors.

The expeditor of the Art creation, the so called ‘test-tube’ in which this reactive process takes place is the artist, bringing his idea to life by material, aesthetical expression and form.

Whether the art is ‘functional’ or purely aesthetic, it is the fundamental idea at the base of Art that grants it added spiritual and cultural value.

The “Future Archeology” exhibition affords an opportunity to examine aspects which are frequently opposed: Ancient and New, Rich and Poor, Substance and Idea, Experience and Emotion, Aesthetic and Function…

The works exhibited, arriving from very different disciplines, help to accentuate the different and similar between the different artists and works exhibited, with delicate connecting threads of logic and idea, and by means of sensual and exciting materials.

This meeting and matchmaking of ideas allow us to begin to draw out and shape the future of artistic expression by looking forward, while at the same having a deep understanding of the past.

“Future Archeology” suggests to view the exhibited artifacts as the contemporary section of a long flow, stretching from the ancient past, and onwards to a distant future, eons from now.

The viewer will pick his own prism (Artistic, Aesthetic, Anthropologic, Historic, Scientific, Technologic, Theoretic, Rhetoric or other) to view through, and to judge what is exhibited before him.

About the Tel Hai Arts Institute

The Tel Hai Arts Institute, established 1957, is a distinguished school and a vibrant hub for the creative arts that currently operates 3 higher education departments: Fine Art, Jewelry, and Ceramics.

Students study for 3 intensive years and are exposed to the best teachers, all active artists, and to the highest quality content, all focused on assisting the students in becoming mature artists with a substantial personal artistic expression, coupled with great technical abilities.

In addition exists an optional joint degree studies, granting graduates an additional multidisciplinary BA degree from the Tel Hai Academic College.

Studying at the Tel Hai Arts Institute is characterized by a highly professional and practical approach, together with a tight knit supportive attitude, that allows the students to freely and deeply explore their media and exercise artistic ideas. The content that is passed on to the students mixes old traditions with advanced technologies to make new creations.

The Tel Hai Art Institute is located in the Upper Galilee, on the north western edge of the Hula valley, linking it directly to the local history, material, cultural and creative making that exists for more than 780,000 years, and which is represented in the near vicinity by hundreds of approachable exiting historical and cultural sites of countless eras and strata.

The Tel Hai Jewelry Department emphasizes idea and design all through the making process, developing creative thinking that spawns the ability to tell a story, create movement, and to assemble and disassemble the detail and the whole. Thus the students are able to create new techniques and tools to assist them in expressing their unique and personal language.

The Tel Hai Ceramics Department is characterized by (students and teachers alike) being a tribal clan-like community. At the core of this community lies co-operation, support, and mutual tolerance. Acting as a community is essential for the personal success of all involved. Students from different classes and levels study together in the same space and time, supporting and involved in each other’s work. Through this support and involvement each student is able to develop in his own unique way. Graduates leave the Tel Hai nest ready for a productive, co-operative and professional life. The emphasis of a personal spiritual development process of every student, in addition to a high level of material and technical fluency in addition to the above creates a solid base for his further development as a creative artist.

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