Etched in Time

Opening: 30 April 2015, 19:30
Closing: 20 June 2015
Gallery Talk: Friday 29 May 2015, 11:30
Artists: Irit Abba, Dalia Ben Mayor, Boaz Barkani, Ben Hagari, Meir Moheban, Daniel Flatauer, Martha Rieger, Iris Shavit
Curators: Tula Amir and Levia Stern

About the exhibition:

The exhibition focuses on that moment of opening the kiln, the moment of birth and of recurring wonder, excitement and fear simultaneously.  Each pot embodies the surprise and an element of the unknown.  The atmosphere of the kiln, the preparation of the pots, the temperature, density and various other subjective conditions will affect the final outcome. The time in the kiln and the extreme conditions, the proximity of the pots to each other, the thickness of the clay, the type of clay and glaze and the effect of the excessive heat, the oxidation and the ash in the air all play a part in this one time experience.  These are one off occasions of the interaction of harmony and disharmony. They are signs of fragility, unknown and unique events marking beauty, beauty of loss of control, of hurt, harmed and chance. These are moments of rejection or acceptance and sometimes a bit of both; described by one of the participating artists as the” kiss of the gods”.
The exhibition investigates the different expressions of random and order, dissonant and consonant and the range between them.

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