Artist Books ; Self / Nature

Exhibition opening: Friday 2/1/15 at 11:30

Gallery talk: Friday 30/1/15 at 11:00 with the curator, Dana Shamir and the artists

 An exhibition concluding workshops led by Danna Shamir / Curator: Nir Harmat

Participating artists: Orna Shahar, Aiva Ruth Kamhi, Geula Meruk-Cahen, Debora Hazan, Dalia Geda, Zehava Mor, Juany Mukmel, Hana Dahan, Tali Talmor, Judith Handelzalts-Nabarro , Nehama Kalmanson, Ruth Mayon Kuck, Rina Arbel, Shulamit Levin, Tsila Goldstein

The exhibition “Artist’s Book; Self / Nature’ is an exhibition concluding a two year workshop lead by the artist Danna Shamir for the members of the ‘Israel Designer Craftsmen’s Association’. The beginning of this process was investigating the possible method of “telling a story”, which is not a classic narrative – linear, but a personal statement of each artist herself, her world and its surroundings. In this process, the artists experienced and explored different creative materials, different expression, memories and places, and discovered the concealed possibilities.

The works in the exhibition deal with the artists’ relation to nature, and their recognition of themselves through it. The exhibition ranges from descriptions of nature through personally “handled “manuscripts to self-description and biographical discourse using natural materials or looking at nature. The exhibiting artists assembled a complex and comprehensive codex of works, dealing with the subject; they examine the status of nature based on knowledge and craftsmanship and their self-identification, examine its validity and its transformation to a work of art —craft, as a starting point.

The artist books in the exhibition deal either directly or indirectly, with a longing for landscape – physical or mental and with a description of the self-portrait built of layers of knowledge, memory and emotion.

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