Master in Industrial Design Program, “About Design” Track, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Curating and design: Galit Shvo, Eyal Eliav, Roi Vaspi Yanai, Johnathan Hopp

Opening: February 13, 2014 @ 19:30

The accelerated technological development impacts society in general and the conduct of designers in it in particular. The exhibition Up(to)Date attempts to capture the zeitgeist, in a culture that is constantly being updated, and point at our potential response to a connected world, the new perceptions, and technologies.

About the Exhibition: 24 students and fresh graduates of the “About Design” track at Bezalel’s Master’s Degree program, presents a renewed approach, through a personal filter, to development processes, patterns of consumption, manufacturing and distribution and the internal space influenced by them. The featured works constitute intermediate conclusions reached in the course of the last year at the program’s design labs, influenced by the digital revolution and the global economic crises.

Artists: Amir Zobel, Avi Orr, Dana Ben-Shalom, Daniella Zylbersztajn Aslan, Ifat Hollender Emmer, Ilan Benaym, Itay Laniado, Jaebeom Jeong, Johnathan Hopp, Maayan Levitzky Rozenberg, Michael Tsinzovsky, Michal Lubell Koren, Miri Mizrachi, Moran Shor, Neora Zigler, Roi Vaspi-Yanai, Shelly Simcha, Tamara Ben-Artzi, Vadim Prokofiev, Yael Barnea Givoni, Yariv Goldfarb, Yael Hollander, Yael Saban Farkash, Yaron Hirsch

Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center
17 Haamal street, Tel aviv, Israel


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