The Feast

The annual Ceramic Artists Association exhibition focusing on the connection between ceramics and food and the culture of food and eating.

Curator: Ido Garini

Participating artists: Zehava Edelsburg / Michal Adler-Shalev / Mika Orstav / Michal Etiel Sandler / Einat Aroch / Ronit Baranga / Dima Gurevich / Shamai Gibsh / Rani Gilat / Rachel Menashe Dor / Zahara Harel / Shula Wolk / Eilat Vil-Neventzel / Avner Zinger / Chomer Tov / Shahar Tuchner / Einat Cohen / Boris Katz / Riki Manor / Yael Novak / Inbar Frim / Ofra Kuts / Jacaranda Kori / Michal Kalsovski / Eti Kazir Ben Har / Leah Sheves

The exhibition will be presented on all three floors of the Benyamini Center and will invite the visitor to a multisensory experience of works that celebrate food, examine eating and culinary ritual providing new stimuli from the fusion of gastronomy and ceramic art.

The exhibition was conceived to focus on the current rise of food, eating and cooking in contemporary culture, including popular TV programs, increased awareness of what we consume, and global socio-political aspects of hunger.

The exhibition will relate to the gallery space as the banquet hall and the visitor as a guest and will try to arouse his appetite and achieve his satisfaction. This will be even more apparent on the opening night which will include eating performances.

The curator, Ido Garini is a designer and Israeli chef currently residing in Holland.

Opening: 10 July 2014 at 20:00 Closing 6 September 2014

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