Body of Work

Curator: Shlomit Bauman

Artists: Orly Eleonora Edlevich, Batia Malka, Ronit Baranga, Dori Zanger Shechtel, Noa Arad Yairi

Opening: Thursday 13/11/14 at 19:30

Guided gallery tour with the curator and the artists: Friday 12/12/14 at 11:00

Closing: Saturday 27/12/14

Despite the move towards the abstract and the conceptual in the art world in recent times, figurative sculpture and especially the human form, is still a main axis in plastic art education. The attitude towards figurative sculpture is mixed – it is admired and darned at the same time: on one hand good figurative sculpture requires specialization and very high abilities and on the other hand it requires the ability to get to the essence by creating a bridge between copying and a consolidated concept. Contemporary ceramic figurative sculpture provides the opportunity to examine the differences between the porcelain figurines made in the 18th C in Europe and East Asia and contemporary figures looking at body image, the situation and the narrative, the materiality, the perception of gender and the critical view of our present social structure.

As opposed to the accepted form of installation where each artist has a separate space, in this exhibition the figures of the five artists are installed as one installation creating a dialogue. This approach releases the figures from their isolation and creates a new look for the works themselves and the meaning for the viewer.

Photographs: Shay Ben Efraim

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