Positive Mass

Exhibition opens: March 3rd 2013, at 19:00.

Exhibition closes: March 11th 2013.

The Benyamini Center will host the fruits of a project initiated by the Israel Aids Task Force and Rani Gilat, an artist and lecturer in ceramics.  Seven men were invited to experience and try their hand at expressing themselves in clay.

“For over a year we have worked together `doing ceramics`.  Despite the wide range in our ages we have many similarities: more than half are involved in art and design, most of us are bachelors,  most of us live in Tel Aviv.  Being in the studio was a kind of shelter for us where we could forget about the fact that we are `carriers` of a social stigma and be freed from the necessity to create daily defense mechanisms.

This project allowed us to deal with our illness by creating art loaded with personal or biographical elements.  We did not want to express the virus but rather explore our personal identity in a new and changing world.  Through this creative experience we wanted to express questions of self image, identity, happiness, loneliness and longing.“

Note: The gallery will be open on Sunday March 10th 2013 as well, from 11:00-19:00.

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