26/1/12 – 24/3/12

Opening: Thursday 26/1/12 at 19:00
Curator: Roy Mayan

Kitsch is characterized by repetition, redundancy, glam, bold and bright colors and on the thematic level it exemplifies over-sentimentally, seduction, and representation of the pleasant and beautiful sides of life while clearly excluding the dark and painful aspects.

The works in the exhibition ÜberKitsch use the very aesthetics that are usually ridiculed by trend-setters and connoisseurs, and raise critical, subversive or ironic issues – which can be ideological or form related.

It is no coincidence that kitsch is considered typical of ceramics.

Kitsch, as stated, is intended for mass production – and ceramics is clearly a field of mass production. The fact that the ceramic work is duplicated by its very nature makes the debate on originality and reproduction redundant. Each object is simultaneously an original and a copy. Kitsch ceramic works designed for the masses are perceived as beautiful and pleasant – works that will suit every home.

The works in the exhibition ÜberKitsch leach like parasites onto the back of well-known ceramic and aesthetic traditions and exploit the delineated shapes to emphasize new themes. The familiar forms – plates, figurines, fertility icons, Faberge eggs – all serve as a platform with historical ties on which a new contemporary statement can be created.

Participants: Amnon Amos, Miri Fleisher, Eleanora Orly Edlavitch, Yochai Matos, Vered Nissim, Shaul Arazi, Guy Jana, Anna Carmi, Emily Cage, Osnat Raichman. The exhibition will also include the Reuven Nardy collection.

At the opening: Performance by Emily Cage – Artistic advisor and video Anat Katz Live Wall Installation Performance by Yochai Matos

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog


‏Details of images:

  • Miri Fleisher: May She Rest in Peace, 2011 Height 25 cm, porcelain, glaze, gold luster
  • Amnon Amos: Make me a princess, 2011 Height 30 cm, cast clay, altered, screen print, gold luster, chocolate
  • Yochai Matos: Makombe#1 from the White Magic series , 2011-12, Height 17cm, mixed media
  • Eleanora Orly Edlavitch: Legacy, 2011, Height 50cm, cast clay, altered, glaze, decals, gold luster, STL printing.

Photographs: Hagar Zigler

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