Of Lines and Materials / Dodi Eldar

Curators: Ronit Zor and Dalit Sharon (exhibition is a joint project with Kenafayim organization)

Opening on May 17th, 2012 at 20:00 at the Benyamini Center

17/5/2012 – 16/6/2012

Of Lines and Materials: This exhibition shows a series of works in porcelain and miniature drawings on paper.

Dodi Eldar is proficient in both these media and navigates between 2D and 3 D, between his desire to express himself in the sensuous clay or the controlled and delicate line drawings. The tension and emotion of the line is evident in all his work and the delicate sketches are like embroidery on the material, a technique that could be called action patterning – engraving, folding, sticking and puncturing the paper and clay. The exhibition has a catalog.

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