Do- A look at almost-two-dimensional ceramic vessels

Irit Abba, Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow

16/6/2012 – 4/8/2012

This exhibit acts as the meeting ground between the ceramicist Irit Abba and designers Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow. It is a meeting of disciplines through the common ceramic material and common object resulting in a vessel devoid of its most basic physical characteristic; the ability to contain. Irit has freely sketched vases using ceramic material as her medium, escaping, just barely, the two-dimensionality of drawing. At times her works reduce three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional graphics to a singular relief-dimension. Irit captures the flow and character of a vast array of vessels, with a lightness and sensitivity possible only when the burdensome body has been shed.

Ami and Dov have cut away all but the very center portion of existing ceramic table wear. This act exposes the very technical aspects of object making; wall thickness, interfacing of parts, structural ribs etc. A traditional design discipline backbone, the section is to the product designer what the plan is to the architect, a chance to see with clarity the essence of the design.

Sectioned products have been assembled into table settings, allowing for a contextual look at the assorted vessels. Vessels in the show are both reduced to their essence–to their DNA– and at the same time are suggestive and charged with the desire to grow and manifest as complete ceramic bodies.

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