Breaking the Mould


Opening: Thursday 20/4/12

This competition is an exciting project that encourages artists to think outside their comfort zone and to find new and original ways of expressing their creativity.

The Alix de Rothschild Crafts Awards Scheme began in 1998 to commemorate the life of a very special woman, Alix de Rothschild (1911 – 1982). During her lifetime Alix had a passion for both Israel and craft work of all kinds and it is fitting that this competition continues in memory of such a unique personality. Throughout her life she supported artists of all media.

The fund is managed by the lawyer Pazit Shalmon-Baratz and the competition has been administered voluntarily since 1998 by Ruth Corman, art consultant, curator and gallerist based in London and Israel.

The competition, which occurs every two years, awards prize money of $12,000 to Israeli artists who excel in the field of contemporary applied art. The objective is to encourage artists to think in new directions, to explore new ideas and produce work that is original but always of the highest standard. This year the topic is “Breaking the Mould“.

A specially selected panel of judges does the initial selection in London, producing a short list, this year comprising 21 artists. The second stage is for a second panel of judges in Israel to see the work and decide how the prize money should be awarded. This year the event will take place at The Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center in Tel Aviv where an exhibition of the finalists’ work will be on display from April 20 – May 12, 2012.

The winners will be announced at the prize giving ceremony on Sunday 22 April at 19:00.

Avi Biran, Efrat Eyal, Rimma Arslonov, Shlomit Bauman, Nurit Baltiansky and Tamar Akov, Ohad Benit, Avner Bar Hama, Dina Berman, Ruth Barkai, Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum, Israel Hadani, Rina Haikin, Iris Tutanauer, Einat Leader, Orit Marili, Yael Friedman, Asnat Koblenz, Liora Kowan, Nava Segev, Itamar Sagi, Uri Shapira

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