Being / Tamar Ben Shau

Curator: Ronit Zor

Opening on May 17th, 2012 at 20:00 at the Benyamini Center

17/5/2012 – 16/6/2012

Tamar Ben Shaul takes us on an illusionary journey between drawing and photography.

The portraits she paints are taken from photographs and she captures the essence of the time they were taken and the stance of the subject. Her works focus on the pose and the ceremony of photographs taken in the past as opposed to the instant and readily available photographic communication of the present. The video works in the show document common scenes from the house and the garden.

The almost still video moves the exterior to the interior. The images illustrate the meaning of being; the common and familiar are exposed from a passive viewpoint. The painted stones on the gallery floor link contemporary based on the past and create a mosaic of time.

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