“Whose Earth is it Anyway?”

Curator: Eran Ehrlich
Participants: Yoav Admoni, Micha Ulman, Tsipi Itai, Pina Bausch, Ruth Bigger, Tamara Ben-Artzi, Hagar Ben-Meir, Ester Beck, Maya Salomon, Cluadi Casanovas, Gilad Ratman, Shelly Shavit, Claude Champy, Yigal Tomarkin

Opening: 16/6/2011
Closing: 27/8/2011

“Whose earth is it” is a somewhat provocative and very controversial question, but what underlies the long-standing struggle between “us and them” is the shared notion that the earth in fact belongs to somebody and that man’s connection to earth is one of ownership. Without the common consensus that land is meant to and should be owned, there would be no cause for this conflict and the uncompromising struggle between us and them. Is this paradigm of ownership really the only possible connection between man and earth? The current exhibition proposes that this connection does not necessarily need to pass through the prism of the ownership and that there is another option. The idea presented, through the specific and unique style each of the participating artists, is what I would like to term the “Artist’s Model”. The model of the connection between the artist and his material is not one of control and ownership, but rather one based on the artist’s attention to the material’s inherent possibilities which define the creative activity, while the result is an attempt to expose these qualities by giving them a metaphoric value. The sense of belonging is transformed from a place of ownership to one of experience and constitutes an opportunity and invitation that is open to all.
Eran Ehrlich, Curator

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