Forest Paths

In the Lab we will exhibit Forest Paths by Yael Atzmony, a video work, in tribute to Maud Friedland.

Opening: 8/9/2011
Closing: 14/11/2011

Curators: Ester Beck and Ronit Zor

Exhibition Design: Tula Amir

Freedom and perfectionism, originality resting on tradition and on in-depth experimentation, all of which characterize the works of Maud Friedland I have also found in the works of Yael Atzmony.With this in mind, she has been invited to present a satellite-tribute exhibition to that of Maud. The exhibition Forest Paths will be presented simultaneously at the Pool of the Arches in Ramla and at the Benyamini Center. Atzmony has created abstract, sensual ceramic objects, like curled vectors, hoarding personal and universal memories. The objects have been submerged in the Pool of the Arches in Ramla, an underground pool constructed in 789 A.D. The video filmed on the site will be shown at the Benyamini Center. The work deals with layered meanings of family memories, of a child who grew up in Ramla in the shadow of the grand European culture stained with pain.

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