It is told that Hedwig Grossman, one of the pioneers of studio pottery in Israel, who was the partner of Rudy Lehman, one of the earliest sculptors in Israel, walked into the studio and told him that she also wanted to sculpt and be famous.  To which she received the reply:  “I have no option, I have to sculpt.  But you can make a cup which is a small sculpture“

A cup has a specific material and formal presence handmade by a ceramic artist.  It is one of the most interesting and intimate of vessels  for the maker and the user alike.  The artist invests time and energy to make a cup that is representative of his style and at the same time is useful and comfortable for drinking.  The user makes an intimate and sensuous connection with the object through his hand, body and lips.

The Benyamini Center has a changing collection of cups for sale by numerous artists including Irit Abba, Raya Stern, Rani Gilat,  Eti Goren and others…

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