On the shelf- From the industrial to the personal

Participate: Naama Agassi, Hagit Abir, Eleonora Orly Edlavitch, Galia Armeland, Tom Kohen and Netta Ashery – Behold, Lizbeth Biger, Doron Naama Gelfer, Dina Kahana Geller, Vered Eliezeri Ganchrow, Ana Dan, Chana Herzog, Noy Haimovitz, Meirav Cohen, Boris Katz, Anna Carmi, Shira Silverston, Svetlana Faerman, Rotem Rozenboim and Inbar Frim, Yaoz Rivenzon, Naama Agassi

Curator: Einav Baranes Eliasov

Opening: Thursday, 12/03/20, 19:30

Closing: Saturday, 11/07/20 , 14:00

Gallery Talk: Friday, 26/06/20, 11:30

Utensils, plates, bowls, cups and cutlery are the basis of dining table culture. Through history there has not been a big change in the vessels used to serve food, produced according to ethical codes, behavior and manners ingrained in Western society with the limits and laws defined by the vessels themselves.  What we eat and how? When? And the way which we hold and use the dishes. The plate is a container and a serving dish and is central on the dining table. Through history the industrial functional ceramic factories have developed from China to Europe and around the world and each factory has made a unique mark on its products influenced by the history and local culture.

The exhibition examines interpretation and personal intervention, artistic/design, on generic, industrial, day to day plates, ignoring laws and table manners.   The artists and designers used various strategies on the plates and made them into a base for a personal statement.

The plates carry historical narratives from families and cultures and over the years become objects that evoke memories and enable us to examine the present through the past.

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