• School of Ceramic Art -Yearly courses

      Educational Program 2019- 2020

      The Benyamini School of Ceramic Art is a professional center offering courses for beginners  intermediate and advanced students, artists and designers who want to work within the bounds of the ceramic material. The school has a team of professional lecturers running a year-round program of courses in practical and theoretical aspects of ceramics as well as workshops, lectures and master classes with artists from Israel and abroad.

      The Yearly courses begins 3.11.2019

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    • Diploma Program

      Diploma Studies Program

      The School offers a unique program to acquire skills and a broad knowledge of all fields of clay making, development of a personal style and guidance in operating an independent studio. The program, suited to each student, runs over several years and includes compulsory and optional courses. It is geared towards beginners or part time ceramists who would like to expand their knowledge or make a career change


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    • Hands-on experience clay workshop

      Suitable for team workers, family activity and a gift for a friend

      If you dream that one day you will have time to do ceramics, come and try a one-time hands-on workshop and you might be hooked. A one-time experience clay workshop is a great way to check if you connect with the material, if you would like to join a short workshop or even an in-depth course. Call us and set a date to be creative!

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    • Current Exhibition- Main Gallery 12/7/19 - 3/9/19

      FLOW/זרימה/ течь- Elina Itan

      Curator:  Amnon Amos

      Gallery talk: Friday 2/8/2019 at  11:00

      The series of tiles made by Elina Itan invite the viewer to an intimate look at a moment in the creative process of the artist, frozen in time. The format of the tile with its specific dimensions was selected carefully. She frames sections of clay and information and through this shares her feelings how materials such as plaster and porcelain feel to the touch of the hand.  The creative process varies between the spontaneous and serendipitous, one-off as opposed to planned calculated control. 

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    • Current Exhibition-- Upper Gallery 12/7/19 - 7/9/19

      Journeys - Teacher exhibition

      Curator: Einav Baranes Eliasov

      Gallery talk: Friday 2/8/2019 at  11:00

      Departing on a journey enriches ones spiritual and material world. On these journeys we encounter different cultures and communities, traditions and lifestyles – from which we learn, sometimes changing a bit, and then continue.   In our time we are exposed to the “big world” with all its layers at every moment experiencing cultures, information, ideas and images that appear on our journey.

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    • Current Exhibition - Small Gallery 12/7/19 -14/9/19

      Type if a Dialogue - Hanna Charag-Zuntz, Michal Alon

      Curator: Einav Baranes Eliasov

      Gallery talk: Friday 2/8/2019 at  11:00

      The exhibition, Type of a Dialogue shows the intergenerational dialogue between mother and daughter through clay, each one bearing a personal material statement that expresses a life story, emigration, locality and belonging. Since the death of Charag Zuntz, Michal Alon continue to tell the story of her mother and to document her works.  Alon continues to create, teaching and showing her work in Israel and abroad.

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    • Events and Special Programming September 2019

      Masterclass with Ray Chen

      Details soon

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