Cup / From the collection of Saar Mor and Itamar Rein

Curators: Reut Rabuach and Shelly Shavit

Opening: Thursday 5/1/23, 19:00

Online gallery talk: Wednesday, 22/2/23, 19:30- For registration

Closing: Saturday 25/2/23, 14:00

From the introduction of the book: Material as language – cup as book, Shlomit Bauman

Cups have an inherent duality: they are everyday functional objects casually stored in cupboards or on a drying rack; however, sometimes they are stored in the display cabinet as
items of value. We acknowledge their importance, we guard them for future generations, we become attached to them, we make them into the essence of homeliness, shower them with
emotions, memories, and longing. A cup can have various connections: a dirty cup in the pile of dishes in the kitchen sink or a single cup in a museum display case with dramatic
lighting or part of an installation of contemporary art. The information embodied in the cup is simultaneously everyday and sublime, with historical and technological layers that make the
cup into a unique text and a riveting story: a personal, family, period, social, economic, material, technological and poetic story. In a way, this small object, tells the whole story.

This exhibition displays an eclectic collection of cups from the private collection of Saar Mor and Itamar Rein. The collection has a life of its own and grows with gifts brought to the couple and in some cases, cups are placed with them to be protected. In the exhibition 25 cups from the collection of about 300 pieces. The selected works represent various times and places.

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