Ssspam / Group Exhibition

Joint Curators

Participants: Edda Vardimon Gudnason, Einat Leader, Kobi Roth, Michal Oren, Shirly Bar-Amotz, Vered Kaminski 

Opening:  Thursday, 11/11/21 at 19:30

Closing:  Saturday, 8/1/22 at 14:00

Ssspam exhibition conducts an intimate critical cultural discourse through jewelry where a world of tiny dimensions is created, requiring closeness and attention to detail. The body allows a personal and portable display space for a deepening and informal free discussion, continuing the previous exhibition, as part of Illustration Week 2019, on socio-political reality.

The current exhibition treats ‘spam’ as an empty message flooding us with speech or written words, trespassing without control. Sometimes appearing in a beautiful and attractive shell, spam is a metaphor for deceptive false talk.

About the works:

Vered Kaminski, Kitspiot 2021. A pile of wildlife parts, internal organs, digestive systems, marble sculptures of whipped cream and crumpled letters on their way to the trash. They are all concrete brooches wrapped in concepts of beauty: white, smooth, clean, and hide toxic messages of emptiness and waste. Materials: cement, pigment, silver, stainless steel.

Einat Leader, Tel (2021). Tel is a series of brooches made from the remnants of printed 3D models (‘Sheikh Munis’ from the series ‘Order has Not Been Restored’,2009) which dealt with the possibility of recognizing the broken dreams of others, by illustrating the development possibilities of the Palestinian villages and neighborhoods in Jaffa-Tel Aviv. Recycled pieces of furniture and personal household items have been attached to the colored PLA scraps, becoming a statement that clings to the body. Relating to archeological layers of an unresolved discourse. Buried skeletons of historic urban spectacles, beneath the Tel Aviv University’s new halls of knowledge. Materials: Recycled domestic wooden utensils, semi-precious stone paste, PLA printing scraps, markers and watercolors, lacquer, stainless steel.

Kobi Roth, For Your Eyes Only, 2019-2021. pendants, brooches and objects. a series of reliefs inspired by unresolved documents from the ancient world (and other sources). Tractate of vessels (temple vessels) from the 17th century and the copper scroll from the first century AD. These documents contain detailed documenting of places where mighty treasures were hidden. Promises for treasures are everywhere. Materials: silver, copper powder, copper, olive oil, thermoplastic, legumes.

Michal Oren, SpamGram, 2021. Pendants, brooches, earrings. The title consists of two words: Spam and Tangram. Spam as a viral entity, that is spreading with variations and variants, and Tangram that is not one, but multiplicity, disassembly and constant change. Pieces of flattened silver or remnants of previous works. Black flags that turned into white sails or maybe teardrops, all of which presented as options and proposals, laid out on pages of an old art book, emptied of its content. The cultural content that has disappeared, is filled with something new that has not yet taken a complete form. Materials: silver, pearls, paper

Shirly Bar-Amotz. Outburst, 2021, A series of pendants in which birds gaping their mouth and expose their sharp teeth, rage erupts and they become aggressive wild animals that threaten to devour those around them. Materials: Enamel on copper.

Only Bones Will Remain, 2021, A series of bone-shaped jewels that look like remnants of a meal or what is left of the prey in the bird’s nest. Materials: silicone, clay, 3D printing in plastic.

 Edda Vardimon-Gudnason, Brio, 2021. Brio is a brand that makes wooden toys that all the children in Scandinavia grew up with. The series was developed after digging for hours in memory notes, treasures as well as trash that was left behind. Forgotten items take on precious meaning when they are immersed in renewable memories. Wood, glass, enamel paint, cotton, linen and silk fibers

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