Split / Yaacov Kaufman

Yaacov Kaufman

Curator: Adi Hammer Yacobi

Opening:  Thursday, 13/1/22 at 19:00

Closing:  Saturday, 5/3/22 at 14:00

An act in an abstract concept, timeless and universal, a synonym for beauty, harmony, and perfection, meets a modern, artificial, mundane material.  So, what can be new about the sublime concept of symmetry when using an apparently simple, poor plywood? In the exhibition are about 30 plywood pieces that were cleaved open with an ax, quickly and deftly by Yaakov Kaufman exposing the inside of the plywood which became a rich surface to be observed in awe, explored, fascinated by the material symmetry that occurs or to take the opportunity to resist and disrupt.

Working with plywood, which developed with modern design that adopted this material as a symbol of high-class design and industrialization, expresses the dual identity of Kaufman.  His thoughts regularly move between the exact and functional brain of the designer and the artist’s brain, liberated and expressive – one follows the symmetry as a standard for a product and the other resists the natural inclination as an expression of creativity.  By splitting the plywood layers and exposing them, Kaufman tells the story of each board discarded and revived in this series – the quality, origin, secrets hidden in the fibers under the layers of glue and compression and how it was preserved over the years.

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