From Strength to Wealth / Boys Do Ceramics

Boys Do Ceramics

Curator: Naama Arad

Opening:  Thursday, 09/09/21, 18:00-22:00

Gallery Talk: Wednesday, 13/10/21, 19:30, ,For registration

Closing:  Saturday, 16/10/21, 14:00

The exhibition of the Tel Aviv collective Boys Do Ceramics,  “From Strength to Wealth” shows works made in the past year that deal with contemporary identity as expressed in lifestyle and home design.  With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 the city sunk into a dystopic state.  As a result, our relationship to place and object changed. What will we conclude from these vessels in future archaeology? The human body is redesigned because of an invasion of technology into the digestive system.  The contemporary body inflates because of bad nutrition saturated with fats and sugars.  The surface is stretched, holes are exposed, bubbling up and covered in a sticky glaze.

Boys Do Ceramics is a collective of artists established in the first lockdown in Tel Aviv.  The boys are designers, producers, salesmen, teachers and exhibit ceramic art, ceramic objects, and ceramic items.  The artistic language combines the advertising and branding world with the world of ceramics and sculpture to create a contemporary, unique aesthetic. This is their first solo exhibition.

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