2016: ‏Ofir Naor

Ever since I know myself I have been involved in being creative. From a young age I was exposed to clay and was immediately attracted to the material since it offers a broad range of creativity. During my studies I was exposed to ceramic technology which I found fascinating. I carried out in depth research of ceramic materials including color in glazes and firings. Beit Benyamini is an opportunity for young artists to be active in a professional studio, learn how it works and meet people from the clay community.

Ofir Naor | My own personal language

A year ago I completed 4 years studying for my BA in the Ceramic Department at Bezalel. Like many of my contemporaries I applied for the First Studio Scholarship at the Benyamini Center. When Marcelle informed me that I was one of the winners I was delighted. Now after a busy year of experience and hard work I can say that the residency benefited me in several ways.
Beyond the fact that it is wonderful to complete studies and then land in a well equipped studio, I was fortunate to meet ceramic artists that came to teach or show their work at the Benyamini Center. I could talk to them, learn from them and see what they achieved since completing their studies. In addition, as part of the scholarship I had the opportunity to be an assistant in various classes and I discovered how much I enjoy teaching. And with all this, I still had time to understand what I would like to make, without deadlines and projects. I developed my language, my direction in clay and clarified to myself what I would like to do next.

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