2016: ‏Gur Inbar

My love for clay I acquired before I began studying at Bezalel, but there is no doubt that my love for this material has flourished since I began my studies four years ago. While studying I tried a broad range of materials and methods with the aim of becoming a specialist in my field. Now, I would like to deepen this knowledge and learn from artists active in the ceramic medium in Israel – to become familiar with different approaches to making and absorb other influences.

Gur Inbar – Meeting people

For me – the best part of the residency at the Benyamini Center, beyond the ceramics – was the meeting with interesting people throughout the year; lecturers, teachers, students, passing visitors, designers and sculptors. It feels like everyone paid a visit in our studio. The encounters were varied – help in executing an art project, interest in my work, or help in a class, interaction was integral in the daily routine and I am really happy about that. I am still not sure where I will be next year, if I will rent a studio alone or with partners but I know for sure that the endless stream of ”Benyamini people” will be lacking. I am sure I will visit – it might even be often.

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