2016: ‏Gabi Perez

‏My passion is for clay sculpture and I am drawn to the figurative –dealing mainly with my inner world. After completing four years of studies in ceramic sculpture and wheel throwing I am anxious to continue my artistic development – finding a place in the field of sculptural ceramics. I look forward to broadening my knowledge and learning how to run a studio so as to progress and establish myself to be productive in the future

‏Gabi Perez – First experience in teaching

‏My year in the ”First Studio” was an important event and a year that I learnt a lot about my profession and myself. For me the most significant being my first experience teaching.
‏From the outset I had the opportunity to do ”hands on experience clay workshops”, a onetime workshop working on the wheel or hand building for children and adults who have never worked with clay. In the beginning it was intimidating – how does one explain? With what to begin? I asked colleagues and my predecessors how to plan the workshop and where to place the emphasis. With time I learned that the most important is to listen to the student, to be aware of what is difficult for him/her and to find a way to explain. First timers on the wheel expect a magical experience but reality is a little more frustrating and not so simple. Support and encouragement is very important in the learning process and to make the person aware that it is difficult for everyone in the beginning. Over the year I was assistant to several teachers, which was very enriching learning from the various approaches of the excellent teachers.
‏I take this opportunity to thank the Benyamini team, the teachers, the students, my studio-mates Gur and Ofir, Netta and of course Marcelle who were all important parts of my experience.

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